On-Demand Webinars: Test & Measurement

Modern DAQ Systems: Concepts for Flexible Test and Measurement


The goal of data acquisition (DAQ) is to obtain accurate and reliable data that can be used for analysis, monitoring, and control purposes. DAQ systems can take different forms, but regardless of the system type, DAQ relies on specialized hardware and software for measurement, signal processing, and data management.


This 45-minute Webinar introduces viewers to the basic tasks and features of DAQ systems for test and measurement applications in the electromechanical field. During the presentation, basic implementation concepts will be compared and discussed, with focus put on the role of the PC and relevance of modularity and spatially distributed topologies. Flexibility as a decisive criterion for the selection of suitable and future-proof measurement equipment is the common thread of these considerations.

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of the DAQ system and which services it provides
  • The functions and significance of DAQ system components
  • Major approaches for realization that can be distinguished
  • The different role does the PC plays within these concepts
  • The system bus as a crucial component
  • Aspects of flexibility
  • An example DAQ system with ultimate flexibility
  • Operation, software, and open extensions


Martin Riedel, Technical Product Marketing, imc Test & Measurement