The electric autonomous Kraus Hamdani Aerospace K1000ULE unmanned aircraft system has demonstrated the ability to fly nonstop for 26 hours at up to 20,000 feet in altitude. (Image: Kraus Hamdani Aerospace)

California-based startup Kraus Hamdani Aerospace has emerged as a unique entrant into the market for new commercial and military drone technologies with its K1000ULE fully electric autonomous unmanned aircraft system. The solar-powered glider has demonstrated its ability to fly non-stop for 26 hours, longer than any electric unmanned aircraft in its category.

In 2022, the company participated in the U.S. Army's annual Project Convergence exercise and continues to work with other branches of the Department of Defense (DoD) to evaluate military use cases for the K1000ULE. The electric drone also doubles as a flying cell tower that can extend communications networks to mobile phone users over wide areas and fly in mission-based swarms.

On this episode of Here's an Idea™, Fatima Hamdani, co-founder of Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, discusses their technology, some of the research they're doing with the DoD as well as what to expect from them in the near future.

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