Upcoming Webinars: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Reducing the Need for Physical Prototyping With Sensor Design


Sensors play a critical role in enabling automation for a variety of industries, and the numbers and types of sensors have grown significantly in recent years. This growth can be attributed to the new and better ways engineers are finding to detect physical or environmental changes and convert them into measurable data.

Many of these sensors utilize principles from multiple areas of physics (for example, structural mechanics, heat transfer, electromagnetics, and magnetics) and chemistry, making multiphysics simulation an excellent tool for simulating the different aspects of the physical system simultaneously.

This 60-minute Webinar will teach attendees how multiphysics simulation captures the physical behavior of sensors more accurately than single-physics simulations and includes a live demonstration of sensor simulation using multiphysics software.

Attendees will also learn how simulation helps:

  • Engineers reduce the need for physical prototyping and testing
  • Engineers improve their understanding of sensor performance
  • Companies reduce the time and cost required to develop new sensor products

An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentation.


Kyle Koppenhoefer, Ph.D., President, AltaSim Technologies

Dr. Kyle Koppenhoefer is the president of AltaSim Technologies. He founded AltaSim 20 years ago to serve the marketplace through multiphysics simulations. He works with customers to identify how computational analysis can be used to provide solutions to their product design and manufacturing processes. Prior to cofounding AltaSim, Kyle developed multiphysics simulations for the U.S. Department of Defense and the Edison Welding Institute. He holds a Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Illinois.

Joshua Thomas, Senior Engineer, AltaSim Technologies

Joshua Thomas is a senior engineer at AltaSim Technologies, who has provided consulting and training support in COMSOL Multiphysics® for the last 12 years. He is a lead instructor in many of AltaSim’s classes and has worked extensively with multiphysics problems involving thermal, structural, and fluid dynamics analysis. Josh holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University.


Amanda Hosey, Editor, SAE Media Group

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